What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a training methodology aimed at improving overall fitness – increasing both strength and cardiovascular levels for people of all fitness levels and abilities.  The beauty of CrossFit is its infinite scalability. The fitness needs of an accountant, a college athlete or a grandmother differ by degree, not kind. By scaling loads, intensity and duration; CrossFit programming is appropriate for any individual who is willing to put in the work- regardless of ability or fitness level. You will find a mix of stay at home moms, collegiate athletes, salespeople, triathletes, fitness beginners, and “your average joes”.

We are a CrossFit gym because we believe in it. We have experienced the results for ourselves, and continue to see our members achieve higher levels of fitness. Our workouts are quick, intense, and built around exercises that are athletic in nature-mimicing movements found in everyday life, such as pushing, pulling, running, throwing, jumping, dragging, lifting, etc. Think about it, when do you ever sit or lie on a bench to move something heavy? Never! Such movements are only found in traditional gyms, but rarely translate into movements we  use in daily life.

That’s why you won’t see a bunch of big, complicated exercise machines in our box. Rather, we train with medicine balls and kettlebells, in addition to utilizing power lifting, Olympic lifting, pull up bars, rowing, and numerous other physical activities which are both functional and challenging. Each session is led by one of our Level I CrossFit trainers who will coach you in the movements and motivate you to perform at your top level.


To simply put what CrossFit is…

Constantly Varied. Functional Movement. Performed at High Intensity.

Functional Movement patterns are essential to one’s well being, life, and independence. CrossFit utilizes functional movements for a couple of reasons. First, these motions are mechanically sound. When done properly, they are safe and they deliver results. Second, they elicit a high neuroendocrine response. Put more simply, they’ll lead to quicker results due to the high intensity with which you’ll be doing them.

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Why CrossFit?